sunspot check

Early prevention and your peace of mind

Full and Spot Skin Checks

We offer full skin checks as well as spot checks of any concerning moles/lesions. We recommend regular skin checks for prevention and early treatment of skin cancers for all individuals.

Skin cancer excisions with cosmetic consideration

Surgical Management of Skin Cancers

We do biopsies for suspicious lesions and excisions of all skin cancers with full cosmetic consideration and minimal downtime.

Alternatives to excision

Non-Surgical Management of Skin Cancers

We offer non-surgical treatment options like cryotherapy or topical medications for certain superficial skin cancers if safe and feasible.

Managing benign skin lesions

Cosmetic Removal of Benign Skin Lesions

We offer cosmetic removals of benign skin lesions such as skin tags, cysts, lipomas etc.


Skin Check consultations:


Standard Consult – $85 (medicare rebate $39.10)

Long Consult – $122 (medicare rebate $75.75)

Health care card and pension card holders.  

Standard Consult – $65 (medicare rebate $39.10)

Long Consult – $102 (medicare rebate $75.75)


Excisions would incur an out of pocket cost depending on the complexity of the procedure which would be discussed prior to the procedure.

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