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Are you looking for Dermal Fillers treatment in Newcastle? You have come to the right place.

Elixir @ Hunter Skin Cancer Clinic is a modern doctor-led skin cancer and cosmetic clinic located in the heart of Maitland and is only a short drive from Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley.

Dermal fillers are injectable implants made up of gel like substances, and these implants are used to help smooth skin lines and wrinkles. As the name implies, they are injected into or beneath your skin using a needle or a cannula.

Dermal fillers exist in different forms and are often distinguished by their composition, duration of effect, biodegradability of components and mode of actions. In addition to filling up the lost volume and improving the contour, the treatment also stimulates the inflammatory process leading to production of collagen through mechanical stretching of the dermis which in turn improves the quality of the skin.

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Fillers Newcastle

We offer various types of Dermal Fillers treatment for our patients in Newcastle. Here are the list of treatment we offer at our clinic:

  1. Forehead lines – To reduce or smooth deep wrinkles on the forehead.
  2. Frown lines – To reduce or smooth deep wrinkles in the frown area
  3. Temple hollowing – To improve hollowing in the temples and outer side of the forehead which happens with ageing.
  4. Eyebrow augmentation – To lift up the eyebrows slightly
  5. Crow’s feet lines – To reduce or smooth deep lines on the outer side of the eyes.
  6. Under eye or tear trough fillers – To fill up the hollowing below the eyes.
  7. Cheek augmentation – To improve the lost volume in cheeks or to improve the shape of the face by giving lift to the cheeks.
  8. Nasolabial fold fillers – To improve the running from nose to the corners of the mouth
  9. Marionette line fillers – To improve the lines running from corners of the mouth to the chin.
  10. Perioral lip line fillers – Improve lines on the lips, also called smoker’s lines
  11. Lip fillers – To improve volume or definition of the lips
  12. Downturned or droopy corners of the mouth – To improve downturned corners of the mouth which often creates a sad face appearance.
  13. Jawline fillers – To improve definition of the jaw line which also helps with marionette lines.
  14. Chin augmentation – To give projection to the retruded chin which often happens with ageing.
  15. Neck lines fillers – To improve horizontal ageing lines in the neck
  16. Nose fillers – To straighten any indents in the nose.
  17. Hand fillers – To improve volume in the hands and to hide prominent veins which happens as part of chronic sun damage to the back of hands.

The treatment with dermal fillers is less invasive as compared to the surgical procedures, and is reversible. Dermal fillers can restore and revolumise the skin and facial contours to form a more youthful appearance and the effect lasts longer than the botulinum toxin injections.

We recommend having a cosmetic consultation with one of our doctors so as to discuss all of your concerns, and to understand what fillers are right for your skin and wrinkles.

Every patient is important, and we welcome patients of all ages to book a cosmetic consultation to discuss how we can improve the signs of skin ageing. We provide cosmetic consultation to thoroughly assess your concerns and provide you with a management plan focused on your concerns and focused on realistic improvement of your skin. We provide skin repair and rejuvenation with the same passion and credibility as skin cancer management. We will ensure that you get a personalised approach to your treatment so that you can get your desired results.

Elixir @ Hunter Skin Cancer Clinic is a modern skin cancer clinic and cosmetic clinic, with well-equipped procedure rooms and cosmetic rooms. You can be sure that our team will provide you with expert advice, quality treatment and a peace of mind. Our qualified and skilled doctors are supported by a highly efficient team of nurses and administration staff. We only use the premium quality of dermal fillers.

We are located in the heart of Maitland, and provide skin cancer services and cosmetic services to the local community of Maitland, and to the surrounding areas of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and Central Coast. We are located at 215 High Street, Maitland, directly opposite the new sports stadium in High Street, Maitland. We have parking available for patients at the rear of the clinic, and there is plenty of roadside parking around the clinic.

If you are looking for an anti-ageing management plan or treatment with anti-wrinkle injections, please book a cosmetic consultation with one of our doctors. We will educate you and advise you on what is the right filler for your face, and can plan for the treatment accordingly.

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