Are anti-wrinkles injections safe?


Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. The short term and the long term results can be incredible.

Anti-wrinkle botulinum toxin injections not only help you look better, they are also like a prophylactic medication for ageing.

Anti Wrinkle Injection

Many people begin having their first treatments in their late twenties or early thirties. By starting at this age, you can stop the first lines from appearing, and thus making the treatment and outcome more effective.

Some people who could benefit from these treatments remain hesitant about these cosmetic procedures. They want to know whether anti-wrinkle injections are safe or not.

Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the safest procedures available. And the safety improves significantly if the injections are done by professionals who have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and clinical skills of providing the skin treatment for years, and who provide treatment with care.

The Chemistry and Mechanism of Action

Anti-wrinkle Botulinum toxin injection is made by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum, an anaerobic bacteria found naturally in the soil. The botulinum protein is purified for clinical and cosmetic use. An anti-wrinkle injection protein which works by blocking the signals going from nerves to the muscles. The reduced tone of the muscles creates the immediate desired cosmetic improvement of the face with minimal or no wrinkles. The effect of anti-wrinkle injections is temporary and usually wears off in 3-4 months.

With long term use of anti-wrinkle injections, the effect of botulinum toxin injections can last longer. Apart from the long lasting effect, the reduction in excessive crumpling of the skin by reduced tone of the associated muscles leads to improvement in condition of the skin and helps in delaying the formation of deeper wrinkles.

Safe medical uses of Botulinum Toxin

Anti-wrinkle botulinum toxin injections are medically licensed for use in several medical problems like

  1. cerebral palsy and associated limb spasms
  2. Blepharospasm or uncontrollable twitching or spasms of eye muscles
  3. Migraine
  4. Overactive bladder
  5. Involuntary muscle contractions in limbs.
  6. Frown lines

As this medication is used for so many important medical conditions, patients seeking cosmetic treatment with botulinum toxin injection can feel confident that it has been tested thoroughly for safety and efficacy.

The botulinum toxin injection was initially approved for frown line wrinkles, but over the past 20 years, the use has been extended to treat various facial wrinkles.

The possible complications and their management with anti-wrinkle botulinum toxin injections

  1. Eyebrow ptosis or drooping – This is often due to injecting in the wrong muscle group and is rare with an experienced injector. It usually improves naturally within 2-3 months.
  2. Eyelid ptosis or drooping – This also happens due to injecting in the wrong muscle group and is rare with an experienced injector. It can improve naturally within 4-6 weeks or some eye drops can be used until resolution.
  3. Spock Eyebrows – This is often a result of too few injection units on the outer side, and can be fixed easily by giving some topup units.
  4. Forehead heaviness – This is often a result of injecting too low in the forehead and is rare with a trusted professional injector.
  5. Swelling and bruising – This is a rare complication, and the chances of having this with our professional injectors are very minimal.
  6. Headache and flu like symptoms – These are very rare and usually short lasting only.

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